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What Is It? 

The Run Solo Project is a 4-week virtual running series consisting of several challenge options

At the end of each week, runners can see how they stacked up against other runners across the nation, but most importantly, running stores can see how they did against other running stores. Which running store will become victorious and win the ultimate prize, plus all of the glory and bragging rights of course? 

Participants will be charged $50 ($20 of the $50 will go back to your store - see “Let’s Get Down to Business” for more details) for this 4-week series, which will include: 

  • Run Solo Tech Shirt
  • SUPER Cool Unique Custom Handmade Medal (we make these at our house using resin, color, hemp cord, a small wooden circle, and a stamp.) 
  • Online “Results” Each Week 

For runner information and instructions to share with your team, please click here

Why Should My Store Get Involved? 

Alongside our event management company, we also own two specialty running stores in Southern California. So, much like you, we are personally experiencing first-hand how difficult a time like this can be. With the event industry on pause for an indeterminable amount of time, we have been scrambling to adapt and survive because events made up about 80% of our revenue. After the idea of the Run Solo Project was created, we, as specialty running store owners ourselves, thought we should unite and support other owners across the nation. 

In addition to this being a revenue opportunity, Run Solo will offer your store the ability to continue your connection with your customers in perhaps a different outlet than normal. This will be a fun, interactive challenge to keep your customers and the community engaged while joining in for some healthy competition. 

Who Can Be On My Team? 

Customers of your running store, employees of your running store, friends of customers or employees, parents of customers or employees, siblings of customers or employees, children of customers or employees, and community members who are store supporters are all welcome to join your team. 

Let’s Get Down to Business 

Remember how we said participants were going to be charged $50? Well for each paying participant that you get to represent your running store*, $20 of that fee will go directly to your store. 

In the early phases of brainstorming ideas, we felt we needed to find a way for specialty running stores to make a decent amount of money during a time when our storefronts are closed. If a store were to push this idea to their customers and community and get 100 people to sign up for the challenge, that store would get $2,000! We know it’s not enough to make up for all of the lost sales, but hopefully it can help a little. If you are like us, anything and everything helps.  

The checks will get issued to your store halfway through the series, so you will receive your portion quickly. 

* During the registration process, runners must select a team they would like to represent. Your running store will be set up as a team/group. This will help us determine how many people are on your “team” and it will also help us aggregate your team’s results. 

Our Promise To You 

We sincerely value and respect each and every one of our customers and would like to extend that courtesy to your customers. We promise to NEVER market to your runners. They are your customers and we want it to remain that way.

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