4 Week Challenges

The Run Solo Project consists of 4-week virtual challenges where you complete one "race" a week for 4 weeks.

We have several challenges you can choose from in each 4-week series (when you are registering there will be a question that asks which series you would like to sign up for):

5 New Distances

  • The Runner Awakens Challenge (one 5K a week)
  • The Return of the Runner Challenge (one 10K a week)
  • The Runner Strikes Back Challenge (5K-10K-5K-10K)
  • The Attack of the Runner Challenge (5K-10K-5K-Half Marathon)
  • The Phantom Runner Challenge (you run or walk 100 miles in 4 weeks)

Runner Swag

  • Pick Your Run Solo Swag

    Every participant can choose from a variety of Run Solo Swag included in your registration.  Chose from a variety of technical (100% polyester) moisture wicking shirts, Running Socks, Bib Boards or Face Mask. Lots of great designs to pick from.
  • Choose your SUPER Cool Unique Custom Handmade Medal Color.
  • Online “Results” Each Week 


Runner Instructions 

  • Run your chosen challenge distance on a local route of your choosing or on a treadmill each for four weeks 
  • Use a GPS watch or phone with GPS app to track your time and distance
  • Upload your results by Sunday night of each week (upon registering, we will send you instructions on how to upload your results) 
  • Kick your feet up, relax, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Maybe even go the extra mile and have a beer, glass of wine, or your favorite cocktail. It’s that simple! 

The race can be run any day of the week and results must be uploaded by Sunday night of each week. Please only submit one result for each week.

Safety First

  • Be sure to choose a safe and legal route with minimum interruptions (if you choose to run outside).  
  • Maintain, at an absolute minimum, 6ft between you and anyone else.